We have a travel personal assistant to perform a thorough examination to select a tailor-made property, itinerary, from transfers to the property, car or boat rental to the previous organization of tours or activities at destination .Its purpose is to acquire as much information as possible about your profile, tastes and style in order to exceed your expectations during your stay.

We include a Local Janitor to welcome you considering the information aforementioned. He deals with: from supplying the bar with your favorite beverages to birthday or anniversary surprises; grocery purchases according to your style and taste, restaurant bookings according to your profile, and deals with any problem at destination. Furthermore, we are in charge of recruiting Staff for the Property, a carefully selected specialized team to serve your needs such as domestic staff, specialized chefs, security, massage therapist, baby-sitter, shopping assistant and chauffeur.

The moment you arrive, a very useful MCT´s welcome gift, thought for your stay, will be delivered. This includes reading material about the destination, local music, map and practical guidebook on your language.