Cerro Castor

Located at Ushuaia, Argentina, Cerro Castor has the most extensive winter season of Latin America. Skiing on one of the most important ski centers in Patagonia, provides a experience full of adventures with the best quality of snow and services such as modern ski lifts, excellent track maintenance and first-class hotels. Its cuisine specializes in fresh seafood and the traditional Patagonian lamb.  Snowboard, alpine ski, snowblade, ski touring, skifox, cross-country skiing, sleigh or snowmobile ride, snow shoeing, climbing and more can be carried out.


Lake District is one of the world´s great Alpine playgrounds, with plenty to discover. Located in the Argentinean Patagonia, this ski resort is blessed with the picturesque forests, deep valleys and jagged peaks, spectacular lakes and rivers of all hues from green and blue to indigo and turquoise. With more than 120 km ski track and paths and a 600ha skiable area, Bariloche offers 39 ski lifts with a capacity of 35,000 skiers per hour, 19 stopping places and the most complete mountain base regarding services.  You can also find horseback riding in authentic estancias and fishing. It is a destination that guarantees exceptional accommodation options and a genuine culinary experience.

Las Leñas

The ski resort located in Mendoza, Argentina, combines luxury with the experience of living in a wonderful high mountain environment, ideal to enjoy with family. Moreover, it offers hotels of many standards, with amenities and numerous activities from casino to a complete Health Club dedicated to pleasure and relax. Ideal for professionals, beginners and intermediate skiers, Las Leñas offers 17,500ha distributed into 29 tracks accessed through 14 ski lifts -including a ski carpet for beginners. Apart from an ever renovated slalom stadium, Las Leñas boasts one of the longest ski tracks in South America. This 7,050-meter-long track is perfect for intermediate skiers and combines the already famous Apolo, Neptuno and Venus. Local skiers take pride on this feature.

La Parva

The exclusive La Parva offers 38 km distributed into 30 long and varied tracks that may interconnect with the Valle Nevado´s tracks by means of a special ticket. Its 14 ski lifts cover 9,673m of land with vertical drops that range between the 2,5 and the 412m. The privileged location of La Parva provides sunny tracks, good snow conditions and pleasant temperatures to practice ski modalities, snowboarding and heli-skiing. Its equipment and infrastructure guarantee service quality in accommodation, gastronomy, equipment rental and the rest of the facilities offered by the resort.


Portillo is the most ancient and probably the most prestigious ski resort in South America. Only 40km separate it from the base of Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Southern hemisphere. In the very heart of the Andes Mountain Range, 2,850m over sea level, Portillo or “narrow path” was the main pass between Argentina and Chile, first crossed by mules and horses and then by the trans-Andean train, which made one of the most spectacular tours on railways. After the international route was inaugurated, the train journeys were discontinued during the 1970’s, thus losing this fabulous experience.

Valle Nevado

Very close to Santiago de Chile, in the heart of the Andes, is the largest winter resort in the Southern hemisphere and, probably, the most modern in Chile. Valle Nevado is 3,000 m above sea level, distributed into 37km of ski tracks prepared to practice all kinds of winter activities. Open year round, this mountain resort was inaugurated in 1988 and, along with El Colorado and La Parva, it makes up the region known as “the three valleys of the Andes”, with 10,000 ha of skiable terrain and more than 100km of ski tracks, altogether. High-purity powder snow, tracks specially prepared with slopes ending in splendid Andean fields and off-piste areas make it ideal to practise snowboard heli-ski or off-piste and find yourself. For snowboarders, the Valle Nevado snowboard park provides two special tracks: Half Pipe and Border Cross, together with the La Escondida cable ferry. Valle Nevado is the only ski resort that has been the venue for the FIS Snowboarding World Cup in South America. They are certain in considering it “El Dorado” of snow sports, as it is also praised for its first-class hotel, culinary infrastructure and the shows presented during winter season.