São Paulo

Often referred to as the “New York City of Brazil” São Paulo is known for its nightlife, world class cuisine and it is on the list of “Top 10 Fashion Cities of the World”. In the last five years, São Paulo has improved impressively its quality of life and it is currently the home to the wealthiest individuals in Latin America.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a teeming, throbbing cosmopolitan city and a unique mixture of European, North and South America cultures. It is one of the world’s greatest ports, where a third of the population of Argentina calls home. The very soul of the city bears an irresistible allure to Argentines and foreigners alike: its parks, cafes, cobble-stoned streets, theatres, museums, markets, restaurants and architecture, radiates with elegance. Discover Buenos Aires in a unique way accompanied by appropriate professionals.


Often referred to as “City of the Kings”, is one of the Latin American capital cities with greatest growth. Nowadays, 25 per cent of the population (7 million) resides, and it is the headquarters of the state political powers and two thirds of the economical activities of the country are performed. Fruit of massive migration, Lima has ethnically diverse population, from creole, mestizo and Amerindians, to European immigrants from Spain, France, Italy; Germany among others, and specially Asians from China and Japan.

Santiago de Chile

On a clear day, fresh after winter showers, Santiago basks in one of the most spectacular settings of any city in the world. A glance through the downtown blocks reveals a mighty circle of mountains – the snowcapped peaks of the Andes to the east and a smaller coastal range to the west – that frames the Chilean capital. Gourmets feast on world-class cuisine in Bellavista and Providencia, bohemians gather in the charming old district of Barrio Brasil, while the city is full of museums and a thriving arts scene. With a booming café culture and leafy, exotic suburban parks, Santiago has a contagious energy and a growing confidence.