Argentinean Patagonia

Dare to walk through the Glacier guided by a glaciologist or spend a silent glacial night on a private vessel. Experience adventure with a horse ride through the valleys and mountains in Calafate and sleeping in a high-altitude luxury refugee; otherwise experience a pleasant trekking along the Monte Fitz Roy discovering landscapes that will be forever engraved in your memories. Furthermore, an exclusive sailing tour along the Beagle Channel visiting unique places such as sea lion or penguin colonies. Have lunch at a private estancia in Ushuaia where it can be reached only by helicopter. Experience a dog-sledging tour though the heart of snowy virgin forests. Be dazzled by the slow and serene movement of the whales with a separation distance of less than 50 centimeters or let yourself be carried away by a canoe through the immense lakes in Bariloche. Turn yourself in.


Stop time in front of the World´s second water flow after the Nile in longitude with an extension of 4.080 miles. Accompanied by specialized guides, take the plunge to watch caimans closely, swim with pink dolphins of the region, or immerse yourself into the jungle to discover the extraordinary. Dare to see the most dramatic confluence of black and white watercourses with a helicopter tour, and to contact with indigenous communities and their traditions. Visit the Reserva de Biósfera de Manu, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Break the rules.

Chilean Patagonian

Explore a luxurious EcoCamp in Torres del Paine and observe the moon while savoring one of the most delicious wines in the world. Sail along the Lago Grey and enjoy the local food and flavours. Dare to horseback ride along solitary paths and let the Torres del Paine scenery overwhelm you. Open your mind while you are climbing the hill and air is purifying your lungs. Innovate yourself.

Iguazú Waterfalls

Accommodate on an exclusive luxury country house on the banks of the river and get to know the owners´ history. At least visit one of the 260 waterfalls in the National Park. Live the comfortable experience of the Iguazu jungle, exploring the exclusive Reserva Privada Yacutinga and sharing with the KaguiPora Native Community. Find the balance between the preservation of the environment and men. Breath.

Northern Argentina

Live with the Pagan animation from the Northern region of Argentina that is an active cultural centre whose peñas provide a festive atmosphere throughout the day and night with consistency with the sound of a quena, that reminds of the wind penetrating through the hillside pathways, while a Condor flies over the Los Andes Mountain Range and the Charango strings accompany the guitars brighten the nights up to dance samba. The indigenous cultures of the Andean tribes from the south still remain. Live with the kind, warm and respectful northerners with sweet and paused accent, and acquaint yourself with the close relationship of its individuals with the earth –Mother Earth Pachamama. Discover the hand of the weaving women that keep the millenary textile tradition of the Creole culture intact.  Photograph the Puna landscapes that resemble slow motion scenes, static shots barely changeable in which clouds advance to a particular rhythm. Dance.